“Fitness isn’t a punishment; its a blessing. Nutrition isn’t restrictive; it’s healing. Health isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ thing and may not look the same for everyone, but it is something worth fighting for.”

Looking to get back into training, want to lose the baby-weight or simply want to get some movement back in those bones, then the Fitness Hub is the place for you.

Tegan prides herself on being able to work with all types of people, no matter their goal and abilities. Tegan’s clients will feel supported and encouraged when they train with her.

Mums - often after pregnancy, new mums are already feeling self-conscious about getting back to their pre-baby weight. Tegan can tailor a session to suit your needs and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Concentrating on strengthening the body and low-impact workouts helps all new mums find the enjoyment in fitness, giving them the energy to enjoy the special time they have with their babies. Why not bring your bub to class!!

Over 50's - training can help get some movement back into those joints. Tegan aims to improve mobility, stability and strength when working with those who have been out of fitness for a while. Why not get back into action with Tegan’s gentle approach and individually designed sessions.

General - hit the gym with Tegan either in a group or one-on-one to reap the benefits. With a strong emphasis on health and fitness Tegan covers all areas of fitness in her sessions. During sessions you will tackle cardio, strength-work, agility, endurance and flexibility head on to improve your fitness and your health and well-being.

Body Building - Tegan concentrates on weight lifting and conditioning of the muscular skeletal system in her sessions. She will have her clients use free weights, work on machines and use the barbells in a range of activities tailored to building muscle and losing weight. It is important to know that muscle building is most successful when undertaking consistent weight lifting, conditioning, diet and nutrition.