One on One

1/2 Hour – $30
Full Hour – $50

Get the most out of your workout with a one on one session. Tegan will create workouts that cater to your individual need, whether it be weight loss, muscle growth or general fitness improvement.

Group of Two

1/2 Hour – $20 (per person)
Full Hour – $30 (per person)

Don’t want to sweat it out alone?
No worries bring your partner or bestie along for a sweat sesh!

Group of Three

1/2 Hour – $15 (per person)
Full Hour – $20 (per person)

Have more then one friend? No problems Tegan can create a workout that suits the needs of all individuals involved. You don’t need to be all at the same level of fitness.

Group of Four (or more)

1/2 Hour – $10 (per person)
Full Hour – $15 (per person)

Bring all your friends for a group session! Or if you can’t get your friends organsied, Tegan has schedule group sessions in both Robe & Kingston that anyone can join!